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And there were four leprous men at the entering in of the gate: and they said one to another, Why sit we here until we die?”  -2 Kings 7:3   

   What a strange event we see unfold in the seventh chapter of 2 Kings. The Syrian army had sieged Samaria and caused a great famine in the land. Their continued presence caused the economy in Samaria to crash and a donkey’s head was sold for 32 oz of silver. The first question is, why would anyone buy a donkey’s head and second, why pay so much? Both are answered by saying people will do whatever it takes to survive in stressful times. I shudder to share scripture in chapter 6 that declares two mothers of small children agreed and boiled one son and ate him while they agreed to boil the other son the next day. It is unbelievable the extremes people will go to and how the mind can venture to places unknown when driven by fear. The general feeling must have been like the great depression in America. Complete hopelessness.    Imagine living in such conditions and in addition having leprosy! How could one bare the despair of their world and life at the same time?  The feeling of more than we can handle on our plates becomes an understatement.   

   What could they hold onto that would bring any glimmer of hope? Looking on the bright side was not an option. They needed help and if it didn’t come quick all would perish. The entire city that used horses as we do vehicles today was down to less than a dozen. Emotions at an all-time high and desperation creeping in. No one was safe from his neighbor with lives at stake.   

   Enter, the word of God. Elisha, being among them in Samaria, declared the next day seven quarts of flour would be sold for pennies as well as barley. He prophesied within 24 hours God would do a work no man could imagine. This amazing change came when four lepers knowing death was imminent walked into the Syrian camp to either make a quick end of their lives or hope the Syrians would share provisions to make what life they had tolerable. Upon entering the encampment God caused the army to hear a multitude of chariots. The Syrians fearing Samaria had allies ran from their camp leaving their possessions. The lepers returned to inform the king and God’s word as always was fulfilled. How wonderful the Word of God is! Hope for all mankind is found within. It’s more than a book. It is truth. It is God’s direct promises to us.   

   In our world today we face difficulty, strife, and chaos. Not to the degree of Samaria but severe non the less. The uncertainty of our future is perhaps our greatest fear. In such a time we need, no we must look to the Word of God. Hold it near to your heart!