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It is amazing how God always has a way of working things out. When we least expect it or even feel that there is no way of escape, God amazingly comes through and provides whatever is needed.

This works for every area of our lives. From our daily needs to the direction we are to take in life.

With our youngest son getting married just a couple of days ago, Tammy and I are now empty nesters. Just as John David and Destiny will have to adjust to their new life, we will learn to adapt to the change in our home. Knowing God has a wonderful plan for us all, it caused me to reflect on an event that happened years ago when our boys were young.

Under the back deck of our old house there was a bird nest just being built. It was a small nest just high enough to keep it out of the reach of predators and close enough in to cover it from the elements.

As time went on the little nest would be occupied by the mother bird and then one day, we saw five small eggs in the nest. I wondered how five birds were going to live in one small nest that seemed barely big enough for the mother. I thought, why didn’t she build a bigger nest if she new the reason for the nest was to house her young?

In time my questions were answered. The eggs hatched and five young birds emerged seeming to grow overnight. Each day they grew bigger and stronger until they were literally overlapping each other in the small nest.

The day came when the size of the birds had grown so big the nest began to collapse from the weight and the birds took to the air in flight. Each pursuing their own path and then it hit me. God had a way of letting the baby birds know it was time for their next chapter.

I wondered, if the nest had been bigger would the birds still be there waiting on the mother to bring them food? Had it been smaller would they have been forced out of the nest before they were prepared to face the world? Through His divine wisdom He let the birds know it was time to spread their wings. God has an amazing way of leading us in this same fashion. He knew it was time for the next chapter in the lives of our children and He knows it is time for our next chapter… more grandbabies!!!

We may not understand God’s timing but always know that it is perfect. He loves you and will guide your life to bless you and honor Him if you trust Him.