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   Every week or two I am able to take my granddaughter Harper to Mothers-day-out. For some reason she loves it when we are able to ride in our 15-year-old Nissan Sentra that we have labeled the “Silver Bullet.” She is still young enough to think it’s cool! It’s about a 25-minute journey and now that she is 5 years old we tend to have deep conversations along the way. One trip was spent explaining how her daddy could be my son and how Nannie and Pap could be my mom and dad. She wondered why I couldn’t be her son, lol. We are never at a loss for subjects to discuss.

   One of our most recent rides brought up an interesting subject. She began counting cars as I drove and after reaching fifty or so she said, “Hey Pops, there are so many people in those cars, and I don’t know them.”

   Anyone who knows Harper knows she wants to be friends with everyone, and no one is a stranger.

   I said, “Yes there are a lot of people that we just don’t know.”

   She thought for a moment and asked, “Well they all know Jesus, right?”

   “I don’t know if they all know Jesus or not, but I hope they do,” I responded.

   She quickly stated, “Well I love Jesus and they better love Jesus too! I love Jesus and don’t want to make Him sad, so they better love Him too and not make Him sad!”

   What more could I respond but, “You’re exactly right Harper!”

   We can all agree we don’t want to make Jesus sad and want to love Him. Saying it is not necessarily doing it. Loving Jesus is easy to proclaim but the real test of our commitment is how we live our lives. Does your life express a love for Christ? Just our love for members of our family drive us to do things or act a certain way, if we truly love Jesus we will live differently. Loving Jesus is believing in Him as personal Lord and Savior and desiring to glorify Him in your life by following the Spirit’s leadership. If you look back over your life, do you easily see evidence of a life expressing love to Jesus? If not, take Harper’s advice and don’t make Jesus sad.