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 Being a believer in Christ I find one of the great fears I face is missing God. As a husband, father, pastor and now grandfather I feel the weight of accountability to God for the influence on those in and around my life. Becoming a child of God at the age of seven one would think that this concept would have been mastered by now. I would like to say yes but find it to be an ongoing struggle that I face. Perhaps it is not just me.   

   In a world that is built on speed and instant responses we can easily get caught up in the moment and turn around to find a year has passed. Satan is excellent at turning our thoughts to getting things done without pausing to consider the impact of our decisions or the reasoning behind them.   

   I am becoming more aware of God’s desire to be part of our whole life not just the churchy religious areas. It is easier to include a prayer for direction when considering the purchase of a new church bus or expansion of a new building for growth while sitting in church with other believers. It, at the time, seems natural and prayer flows in the comfort of like-minded Christians in a spiritual environment but do we have that same motivation outside of those reassurances? Do we look back and regret missing God more than we rejoice over obedience?   

   A personal goal, which all Christians can benefit from, is to stand in the moment of decision in confidence of not missing God rather than hoping God has not been missed. Not a self confidence that has no concern for God’s plan but a true assurance from the Spirit of God the right move has been made. The only way to dismiss regret is to choose right.    Great people in God’s word were able to stand boldly due to the confidence they held in knowing it was God’s plan. Joshua marched around Jericho, Joseph trusted without questioning God in his trials and Paul oozed certainty in every message he preached and letter he wrote. That is I desire for my own life.

   That being said, I also know it is not so easy to know what is right even if we do pray before we act. Several factors play into the revelation of truth. Timing, those involved, lessons to be learned, level of faith and others can all affect when and how God chooses to guide His children, however, there is one important factor that will keep us from a great many regrets. Prayer.     Prayer is a beautiful gift and privilege from God. It is an open line of direct communication with the great I Am. It’s existence allows sinful man to come before God’s throne with confession, praise, petitions, thankfulness and one of the most overlooked, fellowship. Dialogue in a marriage is not limited to major events that require much discussion but thrives on the daily communication between husband and wife. The relationship blossoms and grows out of sharing life together not meeting when circumstances of importance must be discussed. Just as couples who have been together for years can almost read the others mind, the more time we invest in our relationship with Christ by simply talking, the greater understanding we have of the mind of Christ.

    Daily prayer, a simple yet most powerful tool can build confidence and assurance for every Christian at any spiritual level. If we desire to know God’s will and plan for our lives, ask Him. The line is always open and with every prayer there is something to be gained from Heaven. You may know Him as Savior of your soul, now it’s time to build a relationship with the Lord of your life. Let prayer become second nature in your life just as breathing.

   The person at the stop light that appears to be talking to himself may not be as crazy as we think…