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    Jesus had been crucified. God Himself came to us and took on a fleshly body to live the life we are all unable to live. He remained perfect, spotless and without sin. His purpose was more than the goal of preparing a way of salvation for us by taking our sins and nailing them to the tree, He also faced every stage of life and set Himself an example for all. Each situation we face is felt by our Lord and He truly understands our condition. He made a way for eternal life and for us to just get through the daily struggles.

   It’s hard to imagine the scene as they forced Him to carry His cross to the place of the skull. Mocking and spitting on Him, the One who came to give Himself for them. With all the anger and hatred the religious leaders had for Him the crucifixion could not come soon enough. They wanted to silence Him and strike fear into all who followed Him. Praise God Jesus could not be silenced a later rose from the grave triumphant over the death, however, the later statement did ring true.

   After His arrest in the garden the disciples dispersed. Their Master taken and unsure what to do next most hid and waited to see the outcome. The scriptures show that only young John, the beloved, was at the crucifixion of Jesus standing beside His mother Mary.

   Peter is the only other disciple directly involved during the trial and condemning of Jesus, yet, his story is not so pleasant as Johns. We know that three times he denied knowing Christ. The same man that said he would die before anyone laid a hand on Jesus. His heart and sentiment were good, but his flesh was weak when challenged with his own life. Peter not only denied Christ, he cursed His name. It’s difficult to fathom how he felt the instant the words fell from his lips. The one thing he vowed he would never di is the very thing he did publicly. It doesn’t end there, just after he cursed the Lord Jesus looked upon him through the crowd. If Peter ever thought of ending it all that would have been the moment. The Bible states he left and wept bitterly which means to bewail violently.

   The last time Peter saw Jesus, he cursed Him and denied even knowing Him. Then, Jesus died.

   Have you ever been in Peter’s shoes? Maybe not the exact situation but the feeling of guilt, pain, and remorse over sin. The emptiness seems to have no end and nothing brings comfort.

   This is why I love a often overlooked passage of scripture that speaks to the heart of Peter. Jesus rose from the tomb and an angel told the ladies, “go your way, tell His disciples and Peter that He goeth before you into Galilee: there shall ye see Him, as He said unto you.”

   Jesus knew the heartache Peter felt and wanted him to know that forgiveness awaits him. Peter was encouraged and became a pillar in the growth of the early church. Jesus forgave him and will forgive us of all our sins if we will just confess and surrender to Him. The size of the sin cannot be compared to the blood of the Lamb!

   Know that the Lord is waiting and ready to not only forgive but use us for His glory. Take you problems to the Master and receive His peace and purpose for your life.